Wet Hopped Pale Ale – Long Ireland Beer Company (2012)


BLC Says:
Long Ireland Wet Hopped Pale Ale was produced in a very limited batch, yielding only 1500 bottles that were sold at the brewery and select distributors. This 100% brewed and bottled on Long Island beer also uses locally grown “wet”, freshly harvested, Cascade hops from Condzella’s Farm in Wading River. Having a homefield advantage of being from Long Island, we were able to obtain a bottle relatively easily. The brew itself is a golden, amber color with a foamy white head that leaves behind a substantial amount of lacing. The aroma predominately features hops (no shock there) but there are also grassy, citrus notes in play. Bready malt rounds out the scent and prepares you for the sip, which actually is not quite as diverse as the aroma would indicate. The body is a bit light and although there is a good amount of carbonation, it is not vigorous and results in a slightly creamy beer. There are hop notes present in the taste, as well as a bit of malt, but they are both on the muted side. It finishes with a hint of hoppy bitterness and citrus leaving a bittersweet aftertaste.

What Alicia Thinks:
This is one of the more subtle fresh hopped beers we had a chance to try. Though I did appreciate the fact that this was not just an onslaught of hops, I thought the overall flavor could have been a bit bolder. However, it was smooth and creamy despite being light, so I could definitely see this one having mass appeal year after year.

What Kevin Thinks:
This brew showcases hops in both aroma and flavor. Accents of (citrus, lemongrass, grass), a roundness, bready malts and touches of alcohol come through on the nose. It left me impressed and eager for a sip. The palate shows these notes but in a more subdued fashion riding on a creamy light-medium body. The finish of this beer is semi-bitter with suggestions of the malt and hop flavors leading into a bittersweet aftertaste. This is a good mild entry in this style but I would have liked a little more punch in the flavor. An easy drinking, mild take on a wet hop ale. For me this beer is a 7/10.

ABV: ?   IBU: ?   Color: Dark Gold   Year: 2012   Brewery: Long Ireland Beer Company

The Brewery Says:
The brewery was a bit quiet about this release, but here is a video of it being bottled in mid-September. The run was limited to 1500 22 oz. bombers.


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December 19th, 2012 at 1:27 am

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