Woodside Orchards Brings Hard Apple Cider to Aquebogue, Long Island



Woodside Orchards has been a Long Island apple staple since 1982, with orchards in both Jamesport and Aquebogue. They offer fresh baked pies, apple butter, donuts and U-pick, as well as ready to go bags of the over 20 varieties of apples they grow.


However, the Aquebogue location has recently added another apple based delight to entice people to their roadside farmhouse: hard cider. Though they have produced delicious apple cider for quite some time, this season marks the first that they have added an alcoholic twist. With the use of onsite fermenters, they produce all the cider within a few feet of where it is served.











When we visited about a month ago, there were four cider varieties on tap. Patrons are able to either purchase a tasting, which are available on the weekends (plus Friday!), or take home the cider in a growler. Traditional, traditional sweet, cinnamon apple and apple raspberry were the ones sampled in a Woodside Orchards glass we also got to keep, all for only $6.


Each cider we tried nicely captured the sweet, crisp freshness of apples with other flavor enhancements added. The raspberry variety added a bit of tartness, for those who enjoy a less sweet beverage, while the cinnamon produced a flavor reminiscent of fresh baked apple pie in a glass. They also hope to be offering apple wine soon, which essentially is just apple cider with a ramped up alcohol content.


Their ciders currently on tap all come in under 7% ABV, which is a welcome change from many of the neighboring vineyards offering tastings of their wine. Though the location is small, there is room to stand at the bar (which is what we did) and bartender/owner Bob Gammon will be happy to chat with you about the cider making process. If you are in more of a wine trail picnic mood, there is outdoor seating with tables to set up at, which is exactly what a large group of ladies did while we were there.

Though hard cider is the new kid on the block in Woodside of Aquebogue, they still offer all their classics and we left with a belly full of cider and a basket full of delicious, locally grown apples. A fun destination for a ride out east or a stop on your Long Island wine tour, Woodside Orchards offers a different tasting room experience for cider fans and novices alike.


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October 23rd, 2013 at 5:32 pm

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