You’re Not Sexist, Walter, You’re Just an Asshole


In response to Craft Brewing Has a Sexism Problem, from Slate.com.

Craft brewing has a sexism problem is a pretty bold statement to make. The better title would have been, “A Small Handful of Breweries Have a Maturity Problem.” Yes, sexism likely does exist in brewing as it unfortunately exists in many other industries in the United States. That obviously doesn’t make it okay, but it’s also not okay to let a few immature breweries give a bad name to an entire industry.

A name and label like Panty Dropper isn’t offensive to me as a woman, it’s offensive to me as a consumer. It should be equally offensive to men. Having never been a man, I can’t speak in absolutes, but I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t give my money to a company that thinks I have to get a woman tipsy on their beer in order to remove her panties. The implication that women can be coerced into non-consensual sex through the use of alcohol is certainly offensive; there is no debating that. But it’s equally offensive for a beer to label men out of control date rapists. It’s not sexist, it’s just in extremely poor taste.

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Will Gordon says, “Women drink nearly 32 percent of all craft beer sold in America. Why name your beer something that at least a third of your potential customers might feel uncomfortable ordering?” I feel no less comfortable ordering a Double D Double IPA than I do a Big Red Coq. Honestly, I’d probably feel a lot less awkward saying Double D IPA to a bartender but that’s just me. Tramp Stamp IPA exists but so does Meathead IPA. None of these beers names or labels appeal to me but I would venture to guess they don’t appeal to a whole lot of men either. Not because they’re sexist, but because they are pretty insulting to the customers overall intelligence.

Brands light Bud and Coors rely on sex to sell their products because taste alone is not what makes their beer fly off the shelves. Craft beer is supposed to be “above” all that, letting the flavor and craftsmanship speak for itself. Names that stoop to the level of sexual innuendo make me wary that the product alone isn’t enough so it needs a gimmick. A beer called Thong Remover will never be something I purchase, not because I am a feminist but because it’s a ridiculous, lazy name that makes me think less of the brewery that produces it. I can guarantee there are also many men that would never walk up to a bar and order a Thong Remover. Not because they feel it’s sexist, but more likely because they don’t want to sound like morons.

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July 6th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

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